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The Determination Engine

determination engineWhilst labouring away at other pieces of long-form fiction, I’ve written a short story so I thought I’d get it out there.

It’s sci-fi / dystopian fiction and it’s called The Determination Engine.

You can grab it for free on the Kindle store between 15th – 16th July here – The Determination Engine On Amazon. It’s a fairly short read, between 20 minutes to half an hour; would go well with a coffee over the weekend.

I hope you like it. If you do, please leave a review on Amazon; it’s one of the few things self-published authors can rely on to help drive engagement these days and I’d really appreciate it.

Be warned; if you write a review, no matter how good or bad, you’ll only encourage me to write more. I’ve got several more of these short stories on the go.

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