Elizabeth Bathory – The Most Evil Woman Who Ever Lived?

Born in 1560, and considered the most infamous serial killer in Hungarian / Slovak history, Countess Elizabeth Bathory abused her position of power to abuse others. After some rumors that were circulating became so numerous that they could be ignored no longer, King Mathias II sent a party of men to Castle Csejthe where Elizabeth had been quietly going about her business.

They found a dead girl, another one on her way, another wounded and many others locked up. They’d been beaten, attacked with needles, burnt, bitten and starved. Over twenty five years it became apparent that she’d claimed hundreds of victims.

They couldn’t do much due to her status, so they locked her in one room for the rest of her days.

The Top Ten Most Evil Women

Creepy New York Murders

New York is awesome. Fantastic restaurants, the best Martinis in the world, great architecture and bagels. Unbeatable really.

Unfortunately it’s also a great place to get murdered. And while the gun debate rages on, there are nutters out there quite willing to lay down their firearm and get a whole lot more creative on your sorry ass. Meat cleavers, razorblades, furnaces, or how about a pair of garden shears?

That’ll teach you.

10 Creepy Murders in Old New York

Speaking Piano

If you’re a pianist and you think you’re not quite getting through to your listeners when you play your latest party piece, this could be the way forward. A piano that actually speaks.

The keys are struck by solenoids, and the resulting sound mimics human speech. It’s completely weird, and of course what’s stranger still is that it’s reciting the Proclamation of the European Environmental Criminal Court at World Venice Forum 2009.

However, if you’ve ever wondered how your piano might sound if it was actually trying to transmit a message from the bowels of hell straight from the devil himself then it could well sound spookily similar to this.

Speaking Piano

Creepy Abandoned Places

If you’re an author and you’ve been looking for inspiration on where to set your next horror novel look no further. These incredible pictures of some of the most creepy and abandoned places in the world are simply stunning.

My particular favourite is of course The Ruins Of Detroit because they contain pictures of pianos and all kinds of gothic style decay.

Take a look for yourself at some of these pictures and imagine yourself being chased around in these places by all manner of nasties. Cool.

Abandoned Places