Famous Failed Executions

Anne Green was a 22 year old woman from England who was most likely seduced by the grandson of her employer. When Green became pregnant she hid her pregnancy and gave birth to a premature baby boy who died soon after he was born.

After trying unsuccessfully to hide the child’s body Green was accused of the murder and was sentenced to death by hanging. During the execution Anne Green had to climb the ladder up to the gallows where the rope was laid around her neck and then was pushed off the ladder.

After about half an hour her body was cut down and placed in a coffin and taken to a local doctor who gave anatomy lectures at the university. When the doctors and others assembled for the dissection and opened the coffin they noticed that the corpse “took a breathe and they heard sounds coming from her throat.”

After giving her hot drinks she opened her eyes. The treatment continued with bloodletting and twelve hours after the execution Anne Green was able to say a few words. After her unique rescue the court usher attending the execution and the prison director of Oxford agreed that Anne Green should be reprieved.

Green later married, had three children and lived for fifteen years after her famous execution.

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Wildcat Head Ossuary

Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect gift for your loved one. But I believe I have stumbled the perfect gift for any occasion.

Lo and behold, it’s the Wildcat Head Ossuary! It’s a wildcat’s head, in a glass box. Unfortunately the display box costs extra, and also it looks like they’ve all been bought anyway. Damn!

Never mind, there still the Hand Vom Wolfman Shadow Box or the Chernobyl Chicken.

The artist, Sarina Brewer, is part of The Minnesota Association Of Rogue Taxidermists (MART) and their stuff is well worth checking out. If you’re into that kind of thing. But then, who isn’t?


Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is writing which the writer claims to be produced from a subconscious, external or spiritual source without conscious awareness of the content. Or all three.

In spiritualism, spirits are claimed to take control of the hand of a medium to write messages, letters, and even entire books. I’m hoping that some kind of spirit turns up and writes mine for me – I may start going to bed with a pencil and notepad strapped to my arm. Would be great if I could get good at Automatic Typing too, and Automatic Editing.

I’m writing a book about being possessed, so it’d be entirely appropriate, surely?

If you want to have a go at some automatic writing yourself, try this link, or see below for more info. You’ll probably creep yourself out. Don’t blame me if you realise you’re channeling Damien.

Automatic Writing – Wikipedia

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Buried Alive

Being buried alive is extremely upsetting and can seriously ruin your day.

Just ask Michalina Lewandowska. She was tasered, bound and gagged, shoved in a box and buried in a shallow grave. She used her diamond ring to escape. And this happened just a few weeks ago.

Michalina was preparing to go shopping with her boyfriend Marcin Kasprzak when the bodybuilder suddenly zapped her with a 300,000-volt Taser gun. He then taped her hands and feet and shoved her in a cardboard box.

And then buried her. It must be love.

Woman Buried Alive In Poland

Masters Of Horror

I was perusing my Facebook earlier today and a friend of mine was talking about ‘Masters Of Horror’, an American TV series I’d never heard of for some reason.

I’m kind of intrigued. It was made between 2005-2007 and features some pretty big name writers and directors. I have a feeling it never made it to the UK, even on Sky.

Has anyone else seen this show? Perhaps you could tell me if there are any episodes I should definitely check out?


Haunted Castles

Everyone loves a haunted castle. Some castles are seeped through with myths and legends, scary stories of spooks, and are believed to be haunted places where restless souls linger in the night. Some castles have been investigated by paranormal teams who record and offer “proof” of the hauntings.

Whatever, you’re going to need to try and visit all these places someday armed with a team of cockneys and a video camera that shoots in the dark, with the occasional friend kicking a tin can around and calling it a ghost when no one is looking. Or you might get lucky and see a real ghost. Who knows.

Follow the link to check out the top ten haunted castles in the world.

EXTRA LINK: Would you buy a haunted house for a discount?


There are probably sixty-six curses that can be easily identified in the Bible by simply looking up the word ‘curse’ as well as the words ‘cursed’ and and ‘cursing’. Most of the curses are not so easily identified but must be discovered by studying the Bible and practicing deliverance (allegedly).

Here’s a good one: Deuteronomy 7:26 ‘Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house lest thou be a cursed thing like it; but thou shalt utterly abhor it for it is a cursed thing. If you have cursed objects on your body or in your possessions that your carry around, or that are in your home, then your are cursed by God. You have invited the demons to attack you and the people that live in your home.’

So kids, leave the McDonalds and KFC boxes in the car – it’s just not safe to bring them into the house.

If you want to play a little game, just check this handy list to see how many curses you’ve racked up over your life. The great thing is that some of these curses can be handed down from generation to generation, so don’t forget you might have more than you realise.

List Of Biblical Curses

Mistreating God’s Chosen People, Willing Deceivers, Adultery, Harlotry, Prostitution, Disobedience to Bible, Idolatry, Keeping Cursed Objects, Refusing To Fight For God, House of Wicked, Not Giving To Poor, Stealing, Swearing Falsely By God, Failing To Give Glory to God, Robbing God of Tithes, Dishonouring Parents, Hearkening to Wives Rather Than God, Making Graven Images, Cheating People Out of Property, Taking Advantage of Blind, Oppressing Strangers, Widows, Orphans, Bestiality, Incest With Sister or Mother, Murder Secretly or For Hire, Pride, Putting Trust In Man,Doing The Work of God Deceitfully, Rewarding Evil For Good, Abortion or Causing Unborn To Die, Having Bastards, Murdering Indirectly, Striking Parents, Kidnapping, Cursing Parents, Not Preventing Death, Sacrificing to Gods, Witchcraft, Turning Someone Away From God, Following Horoscopes, Rebelling Against Pastors, Losing Virginity Before Marriage, False Prophets, Rape, Not Disciplining Children, Teaching Rebellion Against God, Cursing Rulers, Refusing To Warn Sinners, Defiling The Sabbath, Sacrificing Humans, Seances and Fortune Telling, Intercourse During Menstruation, Homosexuals and Lesbians, Necromancers, Blaspheming Lord’s Name, Being Carnally Minded, Oral and Anal Sex, Children Rebelling, Non-productivity, Fugitive and Vagabond, Improper Family Structure, Destruction of Family Priesthood, Refusing To Do The Word of God, Family Disorder, Failure and Poverty, Any Sin Worthy of Death, Touching God’s Anointed, Perversion of Gospel, Loving Cursing, Choosing That Which God Delights Not In, Looking To World For Help, Stubbornness and Rebellion, Offending Children Believing Christ, Adding To or Taking Away From Bible.

Curses And What To Do About Them

Split Mouth Woman

The Japanese have a whole host of terrifying legends, one of the best being ‘Split Mouth Woman’ (Kuchisake-Onna). Whether you’re unfortunate enough to bump into her while doing some window shopping in Tokyo, or happen across her while admiring the view in a Zen garden there’s a very good chance that she’ll cut your head off with a massive pair of shears.

It’s not quite that simple. You do have a chance at answering one question: ‘Am I beautiful?’ she will ask you in her sultry voice. Her long trenchcoat looks pretty cool, and she is stunning apart from the fact you can’t see the lower half of her face as it is obscured by a white surgical mask.

Tha bad news is, if you answer ‘yes’ she will remove her mask and show you that her face has been sliced from ear to ear, showing a toothy gummy grin much wider than nature intended. And should you answer ‘no’ she’ll cut your head clean off.

One other thing – if you answer ‘yes’ and you get to see her obscenely deformed features, she will give you one more chance to answer the question, and no matter what you answer the second time she will cut your head off anyway.

Don’t blame me – I don’t make the rules.

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