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Split Mouth Woman

The Japanese have a whole host of terrifying legends, one of the best being ‘Split Mouth Woman’ (Kuchisake-Onna). Whether you’re unfortunate enough to bump into her while doing some window shopping in Tokyo, or happen across her while admiring the view in a Zen garden there’s a very good chance that she’ll cut your head off with a massive pair of shears.

It’s not quite that simple. You do have a chance at answering one question: ‘Am I beautiful?’ she will ask you in her sultry voice. Her long trenchcoat looks pretty cool, and she is stunning apart from the fact you can’t see the lower half of her face as it is obscured by a white surgical mask.

Tha bad news is, if you answer ‘yes’ she will remove her mask and show you that her face has been sliced from ear to ear, showing a toothy gummy grin much wider than nature intended. And should you answer ‘no’ she’ll cut your head clean off.

One other thing – if you answer ‘yes’ and you get to see her obscenely deformed features, she will give you one more chance to answer the question, and no matter what you answer the second time she will cut your head off anyway.

Don’t blame me – I don’t make the rules.

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