Can I write a horror story? Good question. I’ve written songs. They’re much shorter. But one can have the same intent.

Here’s a song I wrote called Destroy. It’s the most evil song I’ve ever written, sung by, and featuring the lips of, Stephanie Grant.

There’s some joyful sing-along subtitles for the hard of hearing. My other English-impaired friends will probably enjoy them too. If you have an ex-boyfriend you’re not that fond of this would be a good song to sing to them. Quietly. While they’re suffocating in the plastic bag you’ve wrapped them in.


gaspard de la nuitIn the early years of the 20th Century, Ravel wrote his piano suite ‘Gaspard De La Nuit’ which is widely regarded as being one of the most difficult piano pieces ever composed, especially this movement ‘Scarbo’ which you can see and hear on this YouTube clip.

Based on a rather bleak poem by Aloysius Bertrand, it deals with seduction, death and strange fiends that come in the night and scare you to pieces.

Ivo Pogorelich does a pretty good job of it in this clip.