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Tiki Surfer Witches Want My Blood (and I’m not complaining)

Tiki Surf Witches Want BloodIf you know me personally then you’ll know I have a bit of an obsession with anything Tiki related and I love a good cocktail. So I was kind of thrilled that, while I was searching the internet for Tiki stuff in preparation for a project I’m working on (which may never see the light of day, but hey) I came across a comic book whose story is not only 100% Tiki, but includes cocktail recipes as part of its modus-operandi and features more gratuitous boobs than Game Of Thrones.

Tiki Surf Witches Ritual

Tiki Surfer Witches Want Blood wasn’t that easy to track down. I first came across a search that took me to Amazon to buy an ebook version, but I struggled to find a physical copy and after a bit more searching found that it was published by Sex And Monsters.

Finally I tracked the comic down at the Sex And Monsters Big Cartel Shop

Tiki Surf Witches Zombie Ritual

Now I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to make ALL these cocktails (some of them include ingredients I might find hard to get hold of on the south coast of the UK) but I may create some alternatives so that I can still read the comic and drink the appropriate drink at the correct time. That may prove difficult though as there are ten cocktails throughout the book, and as they appear every three pages or so you’d end up pretty sloshed (if not dead) if you read and drank your way through the comic. But perhaps the authors want me/you dead? I’m not complaining as long as I come back as a Zombie, to be honest.

Tiki Surf Witches Zombie Cocktail

I’m told that the Sex And Monsters website is having a bit of a facelift and will be back up shortly, but talking of facelifts you can also follow Sex And Monsters On Facebook.

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