Speaking Piano

If you’re a pianist and you think you’re not quite getting through to your listeners when you play your latest party piece, this could be the way forward. A piano that actually speaks.

The keys are struck by solenoids, and the resulting sound mimics human speech. It’s completely weird, and of course what’s stranger still is that it’s reciting the Proclamation of the European Environmental Criminal Court at World Venice Forum 2009.

However, if you’ve ever wondered how your piano might sound if it was actually trying to transmit a message from the bowels of hell straight from the devil himself then it could well sound spookily similar to this.

Speaking Piano

Haunted Castles

Everyone loves a haunted castle. Some castles are seeped through with myths and legends, scary stories of spooks, and are believed to be haunted places where restless souls linger in the night. Some castles have been investigated by paranormal teams who record and offer “proof” of the hauntings.

Whatever, you’re going to need to try and visit all these places someday armed with a team of cockneys and a video camera that shoots in the dark, with the occasional friend kicking a tin can around and calling it a ghost when no one is looking. Or you might get lucky and see a real ghost. Who knows.

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