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popetownControversial, instantly banned cartoon series

The vatican didn’t seem to mind, it was everyone else.

However, it’s not often you get to work with so many great people, so I jumped at the chance to write the music for something that involved Bob Mortimer, Matt Lucas, Mackenzie Crook, Ben Miller, Ruby Wax, Kevin Eldon, Morwenna Banks, Simon Greenall and the extremely tall Jerry Hall.

For the theme tune I took my inspiration from the 60s cartoon series ‘The Jetsons’ – something slightly nuts and manic that jumps from style to style, definitely evoking the animation of the period but with a dash of heavy metal and plainsong to bring it up to date.

We made ten half hour episodes for the beeb, here’s a couple of musical highlights from the series. By the way, it did air in a few other countries, but not without more controversy.

Personally I thought Ruby Wax made quite a good Pope.

Popetown Intro Titles – Video

Popetown – Marie’s Dance – Video

Popetown Intro Titles – Music Only

Popetown Credits

Animated comedy series starring Bob Mortimer / Ruby Wax / Morwenna Banks / Jerry Hall / Matt Lucas / Kevin Eldon / Simon Greenall / Ben Miller

Written by Mackenzie Crook / Kevin Eldon / James Bachman / Isabelle Dubernet / Mark Evans / Eric Fuhrer / Phil Ox / David Quantick

Produced by Alan Marke / Heather Hampson / Stacy Herbert / Yohanne Seroussi / Rebecca Ferrand

Directed & Produced by Phil Ox