Georgia Wonder

stephanieAs well as writing music, I like writing songs.

Georgia Wonder (myself and Stephanie Grant) released three EPs during the six years we were recording material. We supported Mick Hucknall on tour (including two nights at the 02), became one of the most pirated bands on the planet, and won various accolades from industry pundits, getting Record Of The Day not once, but twice for our songs ‘Girl You Never Knew’ and ‘Destroy’, including record of the week for ‘Girl You Never Knew’.

Our super-simplistic video for ‘Girl You Never Knew’ (below) was picked up by popular music channel Bliss TV and aired for three months, and songs of ours were played on whispering Bob Harris’s famous BBC show for two weeks in a row. We hosted a music panel alongside Amanda Palmer in Berlin, performed at the American Embassy in London on Obama’s historic election night win, got nominated for all kinds of internet awards and recorded our last EP, ‘Made In Nevada’ entirely in our local music shop.

Although it’s unlikely we’ll ever release any new material, never say never. Stranger things have happened.

You can find the Georgia Wonder website here. You can still buy our music exclusively through Bandcamp.

Video for ‘No Credit’

Video for ‘Girl You Never Knew’

Video for ‘Unknown Legend’

Georgia Wonder EP 1 – Hello Stranger

Georgia Wonder EP 2 – Destroy

Georgia Wonder EP 3 – Made In Nevada