Abigail – The Novel

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Abigail is a novel that I’m writing. It has its own website here – Abigail Book Official Website

Abigail is a musical horror story set in the present day. It centers around a talented young female pianist who comes to London from New York to regain some independence from her past and to rediscover her musical spark, but things don’t go exactly as planned as she inadvertantly reawakens the musical spirits from a history she never knew she had.

Abigail draws from 100 years of classical music to create a blend of contemporary writing fused with gothic horror.

After many years of writing songs and lyrics as part of Georgia Wonder, writing novels feels like a natural evolution to me, although of course there’s a twist.



As the novel revolves around music and I am not only an author but a composer, I feel compelled to explore some of the original music that the book refers to. As such, I will be approaching the music somewhere between a film score and a commissioned work, in effect writing the score to my own book.

The music, like the novel, will be fictitious. As work continues, this site will be scattered with audible musical clues.

You can follow the Abigail Blog to keep up to date with my progress, and visit the Abigail Official Website to sign up to the mailing list so you don’t miss any dates, special offers or events leading up to its release.

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